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  • Appel à contributions de l’Université de Giessen

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  • Dear colleagues, partners and friends of the GCSC,
    We would like to bring two opportunities to your attention :
    1) The September 30 deadline for abstracts for the pilot issue of On_Culture : The Open
    Journal for the Study of Culture on the topic of “Emergence/Emergency” is approaching !
    Take advantage of this opportunity to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.
    We have paired the concepts of emergence/emergency to highlight the degree of urgency with
    which research on the phenomenon of emergence and emergent phenomena is conducted. We
    seek academic articles that deal with a specific emergent phenomenon, as well as those that
    critically analyze, discuss, challenge, interpret or reframe the phenomenon of emergence from
    a metatheoretical perspective. For a more detailed call for abstracts, visit : www.onculture.
    The journal also features review essays and shorter/creative pieces (essays, opinion pieces,
    interviews, photo series, artwork, and more) related to the issue topic. If you are interested in
    contributing a review essay or a shorter, non-peer-reviewed piece, contact the Editorial Board
    with your interest and ideas.
    2) We will host a workshop on “Emergence as a Model for the Studies of Literature and
    Culture” on October 19 from 9:00-13:00 at the GCSC (Multifunktionsraum).
    After receiving an overview of theories of emergence and its relation to states of emergency
    in the study of culture, you have the opportunity to discuss and think about how your own
    research relates to the topic. Whether you would like to contribute to the pilot issue or not, we
    welcome any and all participants. To register for the workshop, please send an email to
    We look forward to your abstracts, ideas, and workshop registrations ! Should you have any
    questions, feel free to contact us anytime : content@on-culture.org.
    Kind regards,
    The On_Culture Editorial Board
    Ansgar Nünning, Nora Berning, Nourhan Kassem, Elizabeth Kovach, Jens Kugele, Simon
    Ottersbach & Marcel Wrzesinski

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